The online conference that Helps Latter-day Saints Love & Encourage those who question their faith.
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15+ Experts Will Share How To Understand Why People Doubt, What Causes Faith Crises, How to Keep Those Who Question Engaged in a Happy Life, & more...
Elder & Sister Hafen
Anthony Sweat
Blair & Cindy Packard
Kurt Francom
Ryan Gottfredson
Spencer Fluhman
Jana Riess
John Hilton III
Patrick Mason
Casey Griffiths
Adam Miller
Josh & Heidi Packard
Yohan Delton
Ben Spackman
Michael Goodman
David Snell
David Ostler
Jana Spangler
What You'll Learn During the Summit
Elder & Sister Hafen
Emeritus General Authority, Authors
  •  How simplicity and complexity can deepen our testimony but can also destroy it
  • How do orthodox leaders help those who question when those leaders have never questioned
  • Why faith in Jesus Christ is much more important than general faith
  • The misunderstood role of certainty in our faith development
  • How public religious behavior can damage faith without private religious behavior
Jana Riess
Historian, Author
  •  How millennials are changing the Church
  • The unique opportunity local leaders have to encourage faith among Latter-day Saint Millennials
  • What talents and skillsets do Millennials bring to the Church in general
  • How to Millennials see and understand the temple recommend process
  • Why relationships are more important than behaviors when working with Millennials
Prof. Patrick Mason
Leonard J. Arrington Endowed Chair of Mormon History and Culture at Utah State University
  •  Creating a game plan when someone has made the decision to leave? 
  • How to have healthy relationships with those who strongly disagree with the Church.
  • A new perspective on the role of testimony in our faith development. 
  • How the "I Know" culture is hurting our community more than helping.
  • Keeping people engaged in the gospel even if they strongly question the doctrine.
Blair & Cindy Packard
Former Mission Presidents, Parents
  •  Mistakes orthodox members make when loved ones leave the Church
  • The secret and power of face-to-face dialogue
  • How to secure your own faith when loved ones have transitioned in their faith
  • Avoiding the bitterness, arguing, and contention when loved ones leave
  • What to do the moment they tell you they are leaving the Church
David Ostler
  •  Why is doubt different today compared to past generation?
  • Why do people doubt, what are the issues?
  • How to find empathy in order to communicate effectively with those who question
  • Why conversations are more important than answers
  • How to minister to someone who is questioning the Church
Prof. John Hilton III
Assistant Professor of Ancient Scripture at Brigham Young University
  •  Answering youth questions when many times you don't know the answer
  • The secret to stimulating questions from youth in the church
  • How to help youth find answers to questions at HOME and at CHURCH/SEMINARY
  • Avoiding the bitterness, arguing, and contention when loved ones leave
  • How to remove stigma from the minds of youth who want to ask questions
...and so much MORE!
The Questioning Saints Virtual Summit will be rebroadcast again in 2021 (at a date yet to be determined) when we will release 1-2 session recordings a day. Those sessions will only be available for 24-hours for free.
Summit Sessions:
Anthony Sweat - BYU Religion Professor - Embracing Ambiguity
Ryan Gottfredson - Leadership Professor - The Belief of Millennials
Patrick Mason - Religion Professor - Belief & Belonging in the Age of Doubt
David Snell - Co-host of Saints Unscripted - Making Room for Diverse Testimonies
Day 3
Elder Bruce & Marie Hafen - Emeritus General Authority - Simplicity & Complexity of Faith
Jana Riess - Author of The Next Mormons - The Future of Belief in the Millennial Generation
Day 4
Spencer Fluhman - Executive Director of the Neal A. Maxwell Institute - How to Minister at Church to Those Who Question
David Ostler - Author - Conversations with Those Who Question
Day 5-6
David Ostler - Author - Ministering to Those Who Question
Leo Winegar - Founder, Uplift Community of Faith - Uplift Community of Faith
Packard Family - A Mixed Faith Family - Maintaining Relationships After a Faith Transition
Day 7
Casey Griffiths - BYU Religion Professor - Understanding the Dynamics of Church History
Adam Miller - Professor of Philosophy at Collin College - The Misunderstood Battle Between Faith and Doubt
Day 8
John Hilton III - BYU Religion Professor - Youth & Tough Questions
Yohan Delton - BYU-I Psychology Professor - What is Truth?
Day 9
Michael Goodman - BYU Professor - Faith is a Decision Which Leads to Action
Kurt Francom - Executive Director of Leading Saints - Stages of Faith
Day 10
Ben Spackman - Historian of Religion, Science, and Biblical Interpretation - Fundamentalism False Doctrine
Jana Spangler - Integral Professional Life Coach - Gifts of Faith Development
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